We Are Always Ready to Help! 

Drywall & Plaster

As two of the most popular interior surface materials, our team will treat and repair your drywall and plaster to perfection. Always leaving your walls amazingly smooth and completely level, trust our team to provide you with a professional and affordable service, completely customized to fit your unique home.

Handyman Services

We are skilled in a wide range of repairs focused around your day to day home life. From small to large repairs, to scheduled maintenance, our team can do it all. Always able to tailor any handyman service to meet your needs and wants, our team has the equipment and methods needed to provide you with an accurate and precise handyman service in and around Jacksonville, FL. Give us a call today to get started!


Painting may seem like an easy task, but from tarping to taping off every baseboard to actually painting, the entire process can become more than just a weekend job. With our team size and their years of experience, we can promise a quick and precise painting service, no matter the room’s size or technicalities. Call us today in Ponte Vedra, FL, and any surrounding city.


Don’t spend your free time cramped behind your toilet, or under your sink, tinkering around with vital pipes. Let our team come out in a prompt manner and deal with any or all plumbing issues you are experiencing. If you’d like to upgrade an appliance that deals with plumbing lines, we can also easily handle that. Call us today to learn more in detail about what our plumbing services can cover in Saint Johns, FL, and any encompassing town.

Power Washing

For the worst built-up stains on your driveways, walkways, patios, fences, and more, call our team today to come out and power wash away all your grime, dirt, and bacteria. To make your hardscapes look immaculate and brand new, use our thorough and safe power washing service. Contact us today to book an appointment for your future power washing service with BBH Big Boots Handyman Services LLC.